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Recently, I came across a very short book, Hill Genealogy by Hervey S. Sturdevant. The author makes the interesting claim that the descendants of Elisha Sturdevant, by his second wife, Betsy Hill, are entitled to Mayflower honors. This is a topic that I have not heard and I wonder if anyone has actually researched this premise? You can click on the above link to download the book. I have learned that there are several connections as identified below.

Here is a great website full of Mayflower History including The Mayflower Compact. The compact identifies all of the signers. STURDEVANT descendants of the signatories are listed below. Comments and updates are welcome…

UPDATE: March 25, 2017, Additional Mayflower descendants:

  • Descendants of Elisha and Betsey (Hill) Sturdevant (5th great granddaughter of John Alden (c1599-1687) and 4th great granddaughter of Edward Doty (c1600-1655)).
  • Descendants of Elizabeth (Warren) Church, daughter of Richard Warren (c1585-1628).
    Zadock Sturtevant, 1724-1821
    Zadock Sturtevant, 1763-1847
    Paul Sturtevant, 1767-1824
    Ann Sturtevant, 1801-1880
    Lydia Ann Sturdevant, 1835-1928
    Dependence Sturtevant, 1740-1803, daughter of Hannah Church and Josiah Sturtevant
    Eliphalet Sturtevant, 1768-1824, son of Hannah Waterman and Dependence Sturtevant
    Thomas Morgan Sturtevant, 1800-1896, son of Anna Morgan and Eliphalet Sturtevant
    George Ford Sturtevant, 1832-1899, son of Maria Ford and Thomas Morgan Sturtevant
    George Henry Sturtevant, 1861-?, son of Mary Elizabeth Smith and George Ford Sturtevant
    Alger Henry Sturtevant, 1892-1957, son of Josephine Pierce and George Henry Sturtevant
  • Descendants of Zechariah Soule, son of George Soule (c1595-1679)
    Sarah (Soule) Sturtevant (1755-1839)


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